How to create a listing that will outshine your competitors and skyrocket your sales

To the person out there who intends to extend the reach of your brand or find potential prospects through directory listings, this article is written just for you.

In this article, we will be using as the reference, but the provided information can be carried over to help improve any of your listings, regardless of the industry. Let’s hop right into the common misconceptions about business directory listings.

Common misconceptions

There have been many misunderstandings that arise from listing in a directory.

Whatever the case, we are here to debunk these misconceptions.

Misconception 1

Many users are worried that the prospect will have many other competitors to choose from in the directory.

Our View

If a prospect is already intending to use the directory because it is useful to them, they will not magically stop using it and stumble upon your service somewhere else thereafter.

If they are on the directory, and you are not listed there, your chances of closing are ZERO.

Instead of flinching at the thought of posting on a directory, think of how you can make your listing more attractive than your surrounding competitors.

Make use of directories to scale up your sales without exponentially increasing your marketing costs!

Misconception 2

If I post too much information on the directory, my competitors will then know more about how we do things.

Our View

Living in the age of information, any competitor will be able to find these information anyway, regardless of whether the directory exists or not.

Competitors can visit your website, or drop you an email etc. My point is, there is no need to hide your information simply because we now live in a world of transparency.

Why listing on directories is important for your business?

We would like to start off by saying that directory listings are important for your business, and it most certainly can help your business reach out to more clients in one way or another.

  1. Most listings are free, which means free marketing for your brand

Like, most directories out there are free to list your services. So, by using a little time and effort correctly (keep reading, this will be covered later in the article), you will be able to gather free leads and potentially close sales. After all, you wouldn’t say no to free sales, right?

As surprising as it sounds, many business owners choose to opt out of such a lucrative marketing strategy, while others do not utilize this properly. This means a good listing from you can get you to stand out from the existing little competitors!

  1. Creating backlinks

Having a personal website has become imperative for a flourishing business in the advanced world of internet today. We won’t be diving into the details here, but all directories will require you to input your website address.

This creates a healthy and relevant URL backlink to your website, which is a valuable inbound link for a relevant keyword search.

Basically, when interested clients make a search on a search engine such as Google, your business provides precise, thorough and helpful information (through this link), and because your page actually provides information useful to the person searching, your website naturally gets pushed to the pages further in front (as compared to other websites that provide inaccurate information).

Getting backlinks from will be further discussed later in the article.

Easiest step-by-step walkthrough to create an outstanding directory

The following steps are easy and free, but you will need to invest a little bit of time and effort to make this work well.

Start by clicking on the following link:

You will be directed to register an account.

Simply register, and then verify it on your email.

Once verified, head back over to to start on your directory listing.

As with most directories, you will need to state the service you’re providing, and a tagline to make your service catchy to the eye.

Following these steps are pretty straightforward – filling in your description, pricing etc.

Here is where most listings falter. Most Companies either skip the description or fill it with lots of information about themselves. Wrong!

It’s all about the details. The right ones.

If you’re going to be skipping on the descriptions, or skipping through many details, you can be sure that your potential clients will be skipping through your listing too. Don’t do that.

If you’re filling up lots of details about your company, and your background, and possibly how you’re the best photobooth around, that’s a good step ahead, but that’s still wrong.

Clients simply don’t care about your claims, unless you’re a prominent figure in the industry.

Prospects want to know what they will be getting when they hire your service, and that’s exactly what you should be writing.

Customers want assurance, and that’s what you should be giving them.

In the case of Photobooths, the promise of reaching the event early, the reassurance that you will be there at their event, to provide for them with your utmost efforts. These are words that will attract your potential leads to have a second look at your profile.

Being thorough and easy to understand

Photobooth services have grown a lot since its beginning, and many different kinds of services and add-ons have been invented and implemented.

For example, years ago, there used to be only photobooths that provided 4R photos, and photo strips. Today, we have mirror booths, GIF booths, slow motion booths etc.

The photobooth industry has grown a lot, and the many variations can be confusing to customers.

What you should be doing is to very clearly explain your services, and comprehensively providing your customers with the information that they require.

That being said, another mistake that many Companies make is to fill up lots of information irrelevant to customers.

To sum this you, you should be filling up precise, relevant and thorough information.

Pictures and GIFs supports the use of GIFs in the cover photo of your listing, and you should fully utilize that to attract customers.

GIFs are interactive and will make you stand out amongst the other listings that appear on the screen of the interested clients.

GIFs make a great, eye catching first impression. Use it!


Reviews and ratings are the tools for convincing and attracting customers. Make use of to garner the support of your most loyal and satisfied customers, and this can in turn bring you new ones. will further support the use of ratings by rewarding clients that help review and give feedback to our vendors.

Getting Backlinks

Now that you know how to make your company profile useful to customers, hop on over to your profile page.

Next, under the “profile tab”, click on edit to update more information on to your profile.

Now that you have the knowledge of how to input information that would be useful, thorough and relevant to customers, go ahead to fill up your “Company Profile”.

By doing so, you will now receive a backlink from Every little step counts towards making your website, and your business into a successful one.


With these useful information, go out there to list your business on directories, and list it well. We can assure you that it can only bring your business benefits in the long run.

What are your thoughts and experiences on listing your services on directories? Comment and share with us!


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