5 Ways To Identify a Quality Photobooth Vendor

Photobooths are undeniably one of the most sought-after entertainment services in Singapore. However, the predicament of identifying a felicitous photobooth vendor for an event seems to be disheartening for many. Consequently, many end up without a photobooth, or with a photobooth vendor that does not meet expectations.

That being said, when done correctly, photobooth can indeed contribute an extensive entertainment value for your guests, and you should not have to miss out on that.

In this article, we want to make the process of sourcing a photobooth vendor an easy and reliable one. We will be sharing 5 easy measures to determine if the quality of a photobooth vendor will meet your expectations.


  1. Facebook Review

The majority of photobooth vendors own a Facebook business page as a means to connect with their customers. Facebook allows customers to leave reviews. Make full use of this feature to browse through reviews and get a feel of what customers feel about the photobooth vendor.

While this method may be reasonably accurate, make sure you put these reviews under some scrutiny as we aren’t going to deny that some are indeed fabricated.


  1. Online Galleries / Portfolio

Whether it is on their website or on their Facebook page, vendors will most certainly have a portfolio of their work. Otherwise, you can simply contact them and ask for a portfolio.

Work samples from the portfolio provide an excellent showcase of the quality and style that you will be getting. Taking a little time to look through the works of a photobooth vendor will go a long way to ensuring you’re engaging the right people for your event.


  1. Experience in Industry

There are many factors that define a quality photobooth service, and the consideration of a photobooth vendor’s experience should be of paramount importance.

Consistently keeping up with the best equipment such as lighting, camera, printer, and props requires a great deal of investment and commitment. An experienced photobooth vendor will presumably be the one with proper equipment and a good understanding of using them well for photobooths.


  1. Physical Samples

Physical prints are the most important aspect of a photobooth service. What you see on the online portfolio may differ drastically from what you are getting on the day of your event.

The physical feel of the prints, as well as the colors and image quality are most conspicuous when you see the physical prints.

To escape a situation of dismay (due to poor print quality) on the day of your event, be sure to arrange a brief meeting with your selected photobooth vendor to have a look and feel of the samples.

Any photobooth vendor proud of their work will be thrilled to meet up and show their samples. Similarly, any photobooth vendor unwilling to meet should be the indication of a red flag to you.


  1. Design quality

Besides being entertaining, photobooths play a great part in helping with the branding of other companies. This is because good marketing strategies employ visually aesthetic designs to make their brand more memorable.

Hence, a photobooth company with appealing print designs will likely be able to express your message and thoughts to your guests. Find a photobooth vendor that takes pride and puts effort in their designs.



Photobooths are unequivocally the quintessence of event entertainment in Singapore.

While it may seem like an intimidating journey to find a good photobooth service for your event, it actually isn’t.

Following the steps in this guide will lead you to having an unforgettable photobooth experience for your event. Go for it!


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